Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Pictures

Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone (not the best quality) throughout the day...

Piper & Zak holding hands


Ryder, Piper, and Zak

Josephine stuffing 2 brownies in her mouth

Chelley & Josephine

Madelyn showing off her cute outfit

Madelyn standing without holding onto anything

Ryder & Zak watching Barney

Piper wearing Zak's cowboy boots

Chuck (aka Pops), Piper, and Zak
Today has been a long and stressful day. We had 2 viewings at the funeral home which was pretty emotional at times. The boys were very good for the first viewing and did well for the first half of the second viewing, but then they started to get tired and restless. Ben took them back to the hotel while I stayed for the end of the viewing. Tomorrow will be the funeral and then we are having a little get together at the hotel afterwards for everyone.