Sunday, January 17, 2010

Diaper Change

I wanted to make a post showing off Zak's favorite way to help around the house...his step by step guide on "How to Change Ryder's Diaper"

Step1: Walk up the stairs to get a diaper and wipes, bring downstairs

Step 2: Un-snap Ryder's outfit
Step 3: Wipe Ryder's butt (figured this picture was inappropriate)

Step 4: Put new diaper on
Step 5: Secure the diaper tabs
Step 6: Snap Ryder's outfit
Step 7: Give Ryder the dirty diaper to throw away

Ryder is such a good sport through the whole thing! Zak actually enjoys doing this so I decided to take all the help I can get. Zak hates having his diaper changed so we are working on taking him to sit on the potty more and more each day. We have also taken away ALL candy from the boys and are using it ONLY for potty training. They had gotten way too used to having candy at various times throughout the day and we needed something to use as motivation for potty training. Today it worked well because when Zak asked us for candy we told him if he peed or pooped on the potty he could have a piece...he immediately walked upstairs and sat until he peed!