Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last Few Days

Ben was able to get off early from work on Wednesday so the four of us did make it to the viewing on Wednesday afternoon. The boys were really good and enjoyed all of the attention they received! After the viewing we went to Glory Days for dinner with Rich & Laura and then we went by their house so Ben could borrow the truck (to make a dump run which he did today).
Our original plans for the funeral on Thursday morning changed a few times, but we got it all worked out. The funeral time was changed so Ben was going to go alone and the boys & I would drive down to meet him later in the day. Well, Thursday morning we woke up to this...
Instead of waiting to drive in later and not knowing what the roads would be like we decided that all four of us would get up and go to the funeral. We did not want to take the boys to the funeral, but in the end it worked out wonderful. The boys were so good during the funeral and at the cemetery. During the funeral Ryder sat with Poppy because he started to get sad and that helped him a lot! At the cemetery they were both very quiet and just watched everybody. Zak was definitely understanding something sad was going on because you could tell from his facial expressions and behavior he knew something was not right. After the funeral we drove to Annapolis and met Colleen & the kids at Target. Then we drove into Severna Park to have lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. As we were walking to the car I told Ben we should drive by and see if the O'Neals were home and they were. The boys had fun playing there for a few minutes and then we headed to Rich & Laura's house to see Dani, AJ & Haleigh for dinner.

The boys ended up having a sleepover with Rich, Laura, Taylor, Isabel, and Haleigh on Thursday night. Friday morning Ben and I went to see Avatar at Arundel Mills and then had lunch at Chevy's. Afterwards we went to pick up the boys and head home.
Today we made a family trip to the grocery store and were able to get a good amount of food with our gift card from my grandparents. After we came home the boys had lunch and took a nap while I put the groceries away. Once they woke up we went to the thrift shop to look for a new TV for the boys which we did not find. We then went to PetsMart and bought a new toy for Batman and Robin along with some toys for our new addition who I will be picking up next weekend...
I am so excited about getting a cat and she is a very special cat! She is the daughter of Marie (N2Katz Butterfly Kisses) which is one of my white Maine Coon girls I used to show. She was born in my house and I loved that girl so much. She was so much fun to show and was a pro at the agility ring. When I got out of breeding (when I was pregnant with the boys) I found homes for my cats and Marie went to a good friend of mine, Stella, who has been breeding her. She has been making awesome babies and this beauty of one of them! Her name is RP Cathouse Verizon Bianca or better known as VZ. She is a solid white girl and the spitting image of her mother (Marie). VZ is deaf, cuddly, and playful!
Tonight after dinner we put the movie Dumbo on in the living to let the boys calm down before bedtime. They sat very quietly in their chairs to watch the movie...

I also wanted to mention something that happened on Thursday. While we were in the car driving from the funeral to the cemetery I got a phone call from a number I didn't know. Normally I don't answer those, but for some reason I decided to answer this call. I am so glad I did! It was somebody calling from the Kennedy Krieger Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) saying they had a cancellation and would like to see if we could make it to the appointment. They said after going through the priority wait list (apparently being referred by a well-known geneticist helps!) his name came up. His appointment is Tuesday January 5...yes, this Tuesday! We had just gotten a letter from CARD last week saying there was a 4-6 month wait and we would get a call once an appointment was available. This 4-6 month wait has been cut down to a 5 day wait for Ryder! Zak is going to have a sleepover Monday night with Rich & Laura so he can stay with Rich on Tuesday while I take Ryder to Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore.