Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Week

On Sunday we spent the afternoon swimming with Laura at her house. The boys really enjoy swimming. Zak has started to enjoy going underwater all by himself. By the end of the day he was putting his entire head underwater and staying for about 5 seconds! Ryder was really interested in kicking and using his arms to get around the pool with Ben just holding his stomach.

On Monday the boys and I played outside for a while with the dogs. Robin loves to play with tennis balls and the boys like to throw them to her. She usually does bring it back to them and will generally drop it when they tell her to.

On Tuesday we went to Ryder's class at 10:30am which is always fun. Zak loves being around other kids and Ryder seems always likes going to class. After we got home we had lunch and then I tried to lay down with the boys for a nap. They didn't want to nap so that didn't work. I then dropped the boys off to Laura for a sleepover around 5:30pm and headed to the mall. I was so excited because I went to see Twilight (7:15pm), New Moon (9:30pm) and then Eclipse (12:01am). I had not seen either of the first movies on the big screen so this was awesome! The movie theater sold out 2 theaters for the Trilogy and then 15 more theaters for the midnight showing! Each of the theaters hold 285 people which means there were close to 5000 people there when the movie let out at 2:30am! It took forever to get out of the parking lot, but then there was no traffic for the drive home. I got home around 3:30am, but was wide awake and unable to fall asleep easily.

Ben did wake up when I got home so I talked to him for a bit. I had noticed our mop bucket was not in its usual place in the bathroom so I asked him where it was. He said in the basement because he mopped the floor. I asked why and he said "I pulled out the bar in the basement and had to clean up." What?! I had mentioned the other day maybe we should so it would make more room to actually use the basement on hot days.

On Wednesday I picked up the boys from Laura around 10am and we then we had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Then we made a trip to Target and WalMart looking for a few things.

This morning the the boys were lounging on the couch watching TV. They have started to carry around their blankets which Ben does not like at all.

VZ lounging by the window
Today our plan is to make a trip to the dollar store because I need to find somethings to start behavior jars for the boys. We have been having big problems with Zak's behavior recently. He has trouble listening, he is very sneaky about doing things he knows he isn't supposed to, and he is telling us no all the time. He is also pretty physical when he gets mad which can be a problem. So I am going to start behavior jars for them. They will each have a jar and throughout the day if they are listening, behaving and following the rules they will get to put marbles in the jar. BUT if they misbehave or don't listen I will get to take the marbles out of the jar. Once they get 10 marbles they will get to pick a prize out of a bag. So I need to stock up on things to be prizes. As they get older the number of marbles required will increase. I am also getting a book in the mail from a friend about discipline. She had some big problems with her daughter and this book was suggested by her pediatrician and it has worked for them so I am going to give it a try as well.

Tonight I am going to a Ladies' Night at Clay Bakers in Annapolis with Chelley and Natalie (not sure if Colleen is coming).