Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting Fit

On Friday Ben went to work which the boys were not happy about at all. I took them to Super WalMart to look at Halloween stuff and crafts to try and get their mind off the fact that Ben was at work. Ben got home from work around 4:30pm or so. Tim got to our house around 5:45pm which is when Ben & I headed out for dinner. Tim stayed home with the boys while Ben & I went to The Melting Pot for a nice dinner. That is "our place" since that is where we had our first date, our wedding reception, and most birthday & anniversary celebrations. We got home around 9:30pm. Tim spent the night at our house on Friday night.

Saturday morning the boys were awake at their normal 6am time. They went into the playroom to wake up Saba (aka Tim). Once everyone was awake and dressed we made a family trip to WalMart. Ben and I needed to get locks to use at the YMCA. We said good-bye to Tim because he was going to see Dani and then head back to NH. We stopped at the grocery store to buy some WIC stuff and then stayed home for the rest of the day.

This morning I made my weekly trip to the grocery store to buy food for the week. Our dinners for this week include:

Hot Dogs with Mac & Cheese
Hamburger Helper
Breakfast for Dinner
Scary Face Sloppy Joes

Ben had his 1-hour consultation with a fitness instructor at YMCA from 10-11am and I went from 12-1pm. The YMCA has a computer system called FitLinxx. You log in to the system with a pin number and it stores all of your workout information. It keeps track of the seat positions for the machines, weights used, number of reps, time spent on the cardio machines, time spent in classes and so much more. This 1-hour consultation is used to set up your FitLinxx program. The instructor sets up a workout routine for you depending on what your goal is and what your level of fitness is starting out. We went through all of the machines and programmed in our information for each one. I am really looking forward to getting into a routine of working out a certain number of days every week. They have a childcare room that the boys can be at for 1.5 hours per day. Ben and I will eventually get a schedule worked out so we can both get to the gym as well as have some family time in the open gym with the boys.

Tonight Ben made chocolate covered bananas for dessert. The boys enjoyed eating them!

Then Ben decided to cut his hair. I convinced him not to shave the boys' heads because I like them having slightly longer hair on the top. I played with their hair and discovered they need haircuts soon....

The boys are going to stay up to watch a few minutes of the Redskins game as long as they behave long enough. Tomorrow I am planning to take the boys to the daycare room at the YMCA and get in a workout.

A potty training update...or lack thereof. On Saturday afternoon we had yet another poop incident all over the boys' bedroom. This sent Ben over the edge! He told the boys they would no longer wear diapers starting Sunday morning. So this morning both boys put on underwear when they got up. By 11am Ryder was on his 4th pair of underwear so we decided he was going back in diapers. It was obvious he just doesn't have complete control over his bladder yet. It could have to do with his low muscle tone. He wouldn't even know he was peeing at first and then would get all freaked out by it. Zak did better. He made it in 1 pair of underwear until about 1:15pm. I got home from the YMCA and asked where Zak was. Apparently he had just gone upstairs as I was coming in the house. We were making him stay downstairs and not in his playroom until he pooped on the potty (he was told this) because he would usually hide in the playroom to poop in his underwear. So I called upstairs and told him to come downstairs and he hesitated. As he came down I realized he had pooped in his underwear. After that we told him he was not allowed in his playroom the rest of the day. He then made it the rest of the day in his second pair of underwear. We did have to remind him to use the potty, but he took a short nap and woke up dry. Then this evening he came upstairs with his pants & underwear around his ankles and said he had peed in the potty downstairs! Progress, I am really hoping we can keep this up and that he will start to go on his own, tell us when he needs to go and poop on the potty finally. I plan to remain with the same rule that he can't go in the playroom until he poops on the potty (maybe he will be allowed to go play in there if I go too, not sure yet) in the hopes of him not trying to hide and poop in his underwear. I have been told if I can get him to poop on the potty once it will get better and better, let's hope.