Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preschool Stuff

Today Ryder went to school. He is so excited when I tell him it is a school day! I hope the enthusiasm continues for many years (for both boys). Zak and I went to Target and WalMart looking for a few things for Madelyn's birthday party. She is doing a Minnie Mouse theme since she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We found what we had gone looking for plus a few extras, of course.

I bought a pack of Silly Bands that glow in the dark and there were also a few rings in the pack as well. Here is Zak showing off the ring...

I always walk through the clearance section and today we found some art projects for under $2. I bought a few different ones and today Zak decided he wanted to paint so that is what we did...

After art we worked on some more skills such as fine motor with cutting.

Today I also decided to pull out some activities I won from a blog. I have found a bunch of blogs that do reviews and give aways of various products so I have been entering in them. Luckily, I did win one recently and the item arrived in the mail yesterday. I won a starter kit from Preschool In A Pinch. The kit included tons of activities, art projects, recipes, fun songs and various other things. Today we worked with the Pickle Game and Ants Games. For the pickle game Zak rolled dice to see how many pickles to put on each of the hamburgers. Then he had to point out which pickle had more (or less) pickles. The ants game had pictures of ants in three sizes and a sheet of paper with columns labeled Small, Medium, Large. Then Zak had to sort the ants into the correct column.

After we finished with our school work, Zak and I went outside. I cleaned out the car while Zak played in the yard and rode his scooter. Ryder got home around 11:50am and we went inside for lunch. In his backpack I found a picture he made during his OT session to working on fine motor skills.

I really enjoy working with the boys at home on preschool skills. We have lots of workbooks, art supplies, flash cards, and so much more. I get a ton of ideas from various websites I have come across. I am always keeping a lookout for new ideas!