Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pneumonia....again....times 2

I will start out with some pictures from the last week before getting into the details of our sick household.

At the bottom of the post there is a video from Zak's YMCA class on Wednesday. They played t-ball which was funny to watch for us adults. The kids were pretty good at hitting the ball, but didn't really "get" the other positions. The coaches put the kids in various positions, but most of the kids just stood on their spot and didn't try to get the ball even when it came near them. Then there was Zak and another little boy who would chase after the ball even if it was no where near them. The kids all had fun and that is what matters.

On Thursday Ryder had school. In the evening after dinner we pulled out the Play Doh and had some family fun for a while.

On Friday morning Ryder woke up with a horrible cough and fever. I was going to take him to the pediatrician, but then we discovered Ben had accidentally taken our only set of car keys to work with in. He was working at an FDA building so there was no real quick-fix to the problem. We then decided to take him Saturday morning. During the day we did some school work which included fine motor activities such as stickers and lacing.

Ben called and was going to make it home early so I was able to get Ryder a last minute appointment on Friday afternoon. When we first got there his pulse ox was only 90-91, the pediatrician heard wheezing in his right lung and his throat looked very swollen an red. So they did a strep test (came back negative) and a breathing treatment. After the treatment was done his pulse ox came up to 94-95, but the wheezing sound was still there. The pediatrician prescribed Ryder antibiotics for 10 days and oral steroids for 5 days and she wanted him to have a follow-up appointment on Monday.

Once we got home from the pediatrician we headed to Rich & Laura's to pick up their white truck to borrow. When we got home Ben moved a bunch of furniture around and put various stuff in the truck to take to our community dumpster Saturday morning. Friday night we a very long night because I had trouble getting to sleep and then the boys were up coughing most of the night. At 2am I ended up bringing them both into our bed which caused me to get no sleep.

Saturday morning Ben made a few trips to the dumpster to get rid of various things from our house. He then worked on moving stuff around because we need to clear out certain areas in the house for the AC, furnace, and water heater install (this week on Wednesday & Thursday). Saturday evening the boys played with their "friends (kids next door) in our backyard for a while.

Sunday morning we took the truck back to Rich and then spent the day at home watching football.
This morning I took both boys to the pediatrician because Zak developed a fever and cough over the weekend and they wanted to do a follow-up on Ryder. Ryder's lungs sound really good today so the medication is working and he is allowed to go to school starting tomorrow. Zak's lungs sounds junky and his one ear looks infected. The pediatrician started him on the same medications that Ryder is on. So now this is what our fridge looks like...I feel like a pharmacy..

Everyday medications
Right now the medications the boys are getting are as follows:

Zak: Zantac twice daily (reflux), Flovent twice daily (asthma), multi-vitamin, Amoxicillin twice daily 10 days (pneumonia, ear infection), Orapred twice daily 5 days (pneumonia), Albuterol as needed (pneumonia)

Ryder: Flovent twice daily (asthma), multi-vitamin, Amoxicillin twice daily 10 days (pneumonia), Orapred once daily 5 days (pneumonia), Albuterol as needed (pneumonia)