Sunday, October 3, 2010

I have gotten bad about updating the blog as often as I used to. Looks like I have gotten into a habit of making a weekly post with pictures. So here goes the details of the last week...

On Wednesday Ryder had school and Zak had his YMCA class. Before Zak's class we took a tour of the facility to learn more about the programs and other things they offer. After dinner on Wednesday night we went to Friendly's for dessert because Ryder's school was having a fundraiser there. The boys were excited because they got to have their own ice cream sundae! They both made a mess (Ryder much more than Zak), but had a great time.

Ryder had fun with stickers!
(not sure what day this was from, but thought it was funny)
On Thursday Ryder had school. Thursday was also the day that we had a huge rain storm that lasted ALL day. In the end we got between 6-8 inches of rain which led to tons of flooding. We did get some water in our basement and a leak dripping into our kitchen, but nothing too bad. Ben had issues while at work because the flooding caused tons of road closures. At one point he was stuck in a parking lot for a while, but was eventually able to get back to his office for a bit and then home early. Schools closed early, but Ryder still came home at the normal time. Zak and I worked on some school work at home which he always enjoys.

Friday the rain had stopped so the boys and I ran some errands and then took a walk around the community. It was still extremely wet out so the boys had fun in the puddles and mud before we headed inside. Once inside we did some school work. They both had fun with the coloring, work sheets, writing, and puzzles.

Zak's letter 'A' practice
Ryder circles, he made a face
Zak decided to make some on his own!
Ryder's coloring practice
Zak's outfit of choice
Home Depot apron, underwear, silly bands
On Saturday morning we went to Rich & Laura's house. I left Ben and the boys there while I went to do a few things on my own. The boys spent most of their time playing doctor with Nanny. I went to the Annapolis Moms of Multiples (AMOM) fall sale during the half price hour. I spent $38 and walked out with overalls (2), sweater, pants, long sleeved shirts (7 or so), pajamas (8 or so), and a bag of long sleeved shirts for Madelyn. After I was done there I headed to Annapolis High School to pick something up from Colleen and drop off Madelyn's shirts to her. Once I was done there I went back to pick up the Ben and the boys from Rich & Laura's house. We then went to BJs and finally back home. The boys were super excited to put on their new jammies.

This morning the boys put their Redskins jerseys over their pjs. I made a trip to the grocery store to buy food for our meals this coming week. Then Ben headed to his mom's house. They went to the closing game for the Orioles today. The boys and I had a lazy day at home and didn't really do much of anything.