Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ben and I know we will not really be doing much for Christmas this year due to the financial issues we are having. Hopefully the boys won't really realize it since they are still young and not really old enough to be anticipating Christmas morning with a room full of new toys (we are really hoping they are too young!). So after some thinking we know what the boys will get from us for Christmas...Toy Story 3! They will be so excited to see it that it won't matter to them that nothing else is there to open (we hope). So I am going to pre-order the movie to make sure we get it without needing to go on a wild goose chase finding the best price and it not be sold out.

While I was searching online for the best price to pre-order Toy Story 3 we started to realize there are a bunch of movies we would love to have for both the boys and ourselves. We have a good number of VHS movies, but many of them are very used and scratchy along with the fact that we only have 1 VCR ($3 from thrift shop) so we want to upgrade everything to DVD. We do have 1 Blue-Ray player which is built-in to our living room TV, but those are more expensive and can't be watched in any other room. My mom has said that if she ever buys the combo set of DVD/Blu-Ray in a movie she will send us the Blu-Ray copy so it doesn't go to waste since they don't have a Blu-Ray player (yet). So we figure DVDs are more cost effective and can be used on all of our TVs. (For Christmas the boys are going to get a copy of Beauty & The Beast on Blu-Ray)

You will see a list on the side bar of the blog with a wish list for DVDs. Ben and I will be going through our movies and online lists to see which ones we would love to have and add to the list. As we get movies (we periodically check local consignment shops) we will update the list also.