Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Dinner

First a few pictures and then I will get to the topic of making dinner.

Ryder eating lunch yesterday
Zak eating his lunch
This morning the boys decided to wake up extra early (6am) so they got in bed with me and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a while. Because of the early wake up call we had a slow start to actually getting moving. I got Ryder dressed for school and on the bus then Zak & I got dresses and headed out to run errands. We went to look for a few more pairs of pajamas for the boys at Target & WalMart.

Having lunch after Ryder got home from school
Once the boys were done with lunch I surprised them with a fun activity. They got to put up our Halloween window clings which they were extremely excited about.

Ben called me this afternoon to let me know he would be getting home late tonight which means he would miss dinner. So I decided to have hamburger bun pizzas because the boys would have fun helping me make them. So I got everything out, we washed our hands, and made dinner together...

...and enjoy!
As for Ben, he is still not home. He is hoping to be home around 9pm or so. He started work early and is working really late which means lots of overtime.