Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold Weather & Family Update

The cold weather has definitely come to our area now. It has been in the 50's and very windy today which makes it feel even colder. I do love the cooler weather, but am hoping to stay away from snow (which I am not very fond of)! The boys are slowly getting used to wearing pants and long sleeves along with their winter jacket, but they would rather be in shirts and tank tops. They really dislike socks and hardly ever keep them on for any length of time so we are continually putting socks back on them.

The boys are now moved into their new bedroom and have been doing pretty good. But we have started to use some advice we saw on Super Nanny to help get them to stay in their beds for nap time and bedtime. We no longer give them their milk in their beds, they get to drink it before laying down. Once we lay them down and turn out the lights we sit in the room with our back to the boys. Every time one of them gets out of bed we quickly put them back in bed without saying a word to them and then sit back down. Eventually they get the idea and will stay in bed and fall asleep. Now we have discovered that they stay in bed while we are in the room, but if we leave the room before they are asleep they get up immediately. So we are toying with the idea of getting a video baby monitor to watch them and go in to put them back in bed just as we would if we were in the room. They are both done their antibiotics and seem much better although Ryder has a runny nose which is probably how they will be all winter. Zak has become our escape artist and is not able to pretty easily get out of the "penitentiary" (aka the Super yard) and quickly makes his way up the stairs to surprise us! We are thinking it might be time to move toys into the bedroom and make that their playroom as well so that we know he can't escape from there (at least for now).

Saturday night Tracy & Dave had some friends over who have a son that is almost 3years old so the boys had a play date. Poor John was not ready for what he was about to experience with these two boys! They seemed to gang up on John and try to get toys from him, but after a bit they played much better with him.

Ben is done his antibiotics and starting to feel better, but is still dealing with a cough. I still have a few days left on my medicine, but I am also slowly feeling better. Hopefully we will not have to deal with infections all winter long, but we will see what happens.

Ben has applied for a few jobs and is waiting to hear back from 1 in particular. He also had his interview with unemployment and is now waiting to hear back about whether or not he qualifies for it.

Halloween is quickly approaching so we have made plans to go into Annapolis to my grandmother's house for dinner and then trick-or-treating with Jamison & Josephine afterwards. I remember last Halloween like it was yesterday, the boys were so tiny that they wore Build-A-Bear clothes for costumes and slept most of the night in their Snugli carriers.