Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zak Gave Us a Scare

So, not even 30 minutes after I posted about Zak figuring out how to get out of the play area he decided to give us a scare! Now that he has gotten out of there anytime we hear something odd or there is silence we get up to check on the boys. I heard somebody crawling quickly on the tile floor (not where they should be) so I jumped up and saw Zak heading down the stairs towards the basement. He can go down them on his own, but sometimes he misses a step so I ran down towards him and called his name. Well, that was a mistake because when I said his name and he saw me coming he tried to go faster. He went a little too fast and missed a step with his knee and fell down the flight of stairs! There are about 5-6 stairs so it wasn't a large set of steps which is always a plus. I ran down and picked him up. He cried for a bit, but then was fine. He has a little rug burn on his chin and hip, but otherwise is fine. Hopefully this will not be the beginning of many accidents with this boy! But he sure does find new things to do or get into everyday.

This happened right before bedtime so he was already cranky. Both boys are now in bed and hopefully asleep. I will check on Zak before we go to bed, but he should be fine.