Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Playground And More

We had a good time even though it seems like everybody who was going to come was unable to (Chelley decided against going since she would have to stand up the whole time; Colleen didn't bring the kids because they went into meltdown mode on the way there). So it ended up being our little family from Shipley's (Tracy, Dave, Ben, me, Zak & Ryder). It ended up being pretty hot so we had to roll up the boys' pants so that they wouldn't overheat. While there we ran into Shelley & Jason so I got to see baby Evan and John. (they are coming over for dinner and to play with the boys' in a few weeks) After we left the pumpkin patch we stopped at a church down the street to play at their playground which was lots of fun. Now for the pictures.... (there were so many cute ones)
Daddy carrying Zak Mommy carrying Ryder

Zak in the pumpkin patch

We also got some cute pictures of the boys while at the playground and once we got home.

Zak driving

Ryder in deep thought

Ryder chillin' with mommy

Zak with his 4-wheeler

Ryder cuddling with Tracy

Ryder getting sleepy