Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today Ben worked a different shift (10am-6:30pm) and then had a staff meeting until about 8:30pm. Tracy & Dave went out to dinner for Dave's birthday so this left the boys and I home by ourselves all evening. They have both been pretty fussy all day so I am thinking they must have some teeth coming in.

The boys and I had a WIC appointment this afternoon and that went great. We went to the Glen Burnie office this time instead of Annapolis and I liked the employees so much better! Then we went to the grocery store to get some milk and headed home. We got to see Dave for a bit before he left for dinner. So we had lots of playtime today. I took a bunch of pictures of them playing inside today and hope to get some outside pictures in the next few days.

Favorite Toy


Ryder kissing Zak's hand

Messy playroom

We went to a yard sale last weekend and found 2 great buys. The first is a cool cube that has toys on all 4 sides and on top so they can play together with it. The second is an outdoor toy (will take pictures soon) that has steps up to a platform and then a slide.