Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ryder Update

Last week the physical therapist and occupational therapist both came to work with Ryder. While here they did a little evaluation to see where he is and how he has progressed. Today the speech therapist came to work with him and also did a little evaluation as well. He has been receiving therapy since June and now he is at the following levels:

Physical Therapy (gross motor): about 12 months

Occupational Therapy (fine motor, oral motor): about 13 months

Speech Therapy (language, understanding): definite 10-12 months with emerging skills into 13 months

This is all great news because it means he has reached development for his adjusted age and even getting close to his actual age in some areas. The therapy sessions have done so much for Ryder, but more than anything they have shown us different activities to incorporate into regular playtime to help with development. The things we are working on with Ryder now in therapy are:

Physical Therapy: balance when standing alone, catching himself when falling, walking

Occupational Therapy: tongue coordination, chewing, drinking from a straw, putting smaller objects into a small opening, putting a peg into a hole, using a fork/spoon

Speech Therapy: understanding short commands (come here, give to me, take, etc), putting a circle into the shape sorter, differentiate between 2-3 objects (put a ball, cup & spoon out and then ask him to get the ball), incorporating sign language into everyday activities, working on getting him to stand up for himself with Zak (ways to tell Zak no, ways to get Ryder to not give in all the time to Zak, etc), pointing out body parts

Of course we are using all of the wonderful activities and techniques with Zak as well since he is a little behind in his actual age, but not enough to qualify for therapy through the county like Ryder receives. The therapists are all so great with the boys and will even try to incorporate Zak into the sessions so he doesn't feel too left out. The speech therapist is Ryder's case manager as well which is great because she has 14 yr old twins and can give great ideas and real-life experience knowledge.

Today after the boys wake up from their nap we are going to take a trip to the library. We have found this to be a favorite place to go since it is free and the boys do enjoy books. Today Ben is going with us so he can look for some more Tom Clancy books. I am going to pick up some of the sign language videos I put on hold for the boys now that we have their TV set up in the bedroom. We also still need to carve pumpkins so once we do I will post some pictures.