Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Naptime = Playtime

So their first time sleeping in the big by beds did not go so well, at least in adults eyes (the boys seemed to have enjoyed it). They slept for maybe 10 minutes! We went and checked on them various times because all we heard was what sounds like a construction zone. Here is a list of some of the things they did today:

1) Both successfully figured out how to get out of the beds (Ryder goes head first though)
2) Zak successfully figured out how to get back into the bed
3) They discovered the blinds are fun to make music with (so we had to open them so they couldn't get to them)
4) Zak figured out how to climb into the window while Ryder learned to push the bookcase into Zak sitting in the window
5) They were able to knock over the floor lamp
6) They discovered how fun it is to empty an entire box of wipes onto the floor
7) They made us realize we forgot to put a lock on the closet doors (they opened them and who knows what they got into there)
8) They learned how fun it is to throw their shoes and blankets all over the room
9) They successfully took all 9 bins off of the rack

Overall, they taught us the true meaning of childproofing....

And now the lesson the boys learned (maybe) nap means they are very tired the rest of the day.

They went through this same thing when they started sleeping on the mattresses on the floor. So we are hoping they will quickly figure out they need to sleep and not play the whole time in their room.