Thursday, October 29, 2009

House Full of Sickies

The boys seem to be doing great even though they still have a cough. Zak's cough is worse than Ryder's, but it doesn't seem to be stopping him at all.

Yesterday morning I woke up and couldn't move. My whole body ached along with a runny nose, horribly painful cough, low grade fever (99.5), and feeling dizzy. Needless to say, the boys spent the day watching Barney. Ben got home from work early so that I could go to an Urgent Care facility to be seen my a doctor. I walked in and there was nobody in the waiting room which was awesome! I got registered and was quickly called into the back. The doctor was really nice and did a full exam. He diagnosed me with a sinus infection and bronchitis. He said my lungs sounded a little wet, but it was not pneumonia yet so luckily I caught it early enough. I am now taking Zithromax and a cough syrup to help decrease the pain.

I went to bed around 5:30pm last night and then woke up around 8:30pm. I watched some TV and then went back to sleep. I was awake a few times throughout the night, but slept much better with the use of the cough syrup. This morning I woke up without my body aching and no fever, but still have the runny nose and painful cough. The doctor said that after 2 doses of the Zithromax I wouldn't be contagious which means after this afternoon. I am hoping to feel a ton better by Halloween since we have a very busy day planned and then Ben will be in California all next week which will leave me home alone with the boys.

So far Ben has not started to show any signs of illness and we are hoping he doesn't since he does not have health insurance right now.

My uncle was discharged from the hospital last night so he is slowly on the mend which is also good.


Christina said...

Feel better you poor thing. :(

Annie said...

Oh, I hope you feels better soon. Is not easy feel bad and take care of the kids.

I'm sick too and cough is horrible.