Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WIC Appointment

This morning the boys and I had a WIC appointment to get re-certified and pick up new checks. Now that the boys are 2 years old WIC requires you to switch to 1% or fat free milk which we were not happy about because of their weight gain issues. Our pediatrician sent a form to WIC requesting whole milk for another year. WIC said if the boys were below 10% for their height to weight ratio they would give them whole milk. We figured this wouldn't be an issue because they have always been on the low end. Well, today I had a big surprise when neither of them qualified for the whole milk!!

Zak is now 33.5 inches tall and 25 pounds. He has not grown in height for a while, but he gained a pound! This puts him at 18% for his height to weight ratio.

Ryder is now 33.25 inches tall and 24 pounds 10oz. Just like Zak, Ryder has not grown in height for a while, but gained about 1.5 pounds! This put him at 21% for his height to weight ratio.

I am really worried what will happen when we switch them to the 1% milk so we will watch them closely. Hopefully they will not lose weight, but if they do we will have to start buying whole milk on our own or try to get WIC to re-certify them for whole milk. I am so thankful for the WIC program because they have provided so much for the boys, but it is so difficult with it being a state program and they do nothing case-by-case. Even the nutritionist today said she would love to be able to give the boys whole milk, but just can't...