Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard of 2010- Playing In the Snow

We took the boys out to play in the falling snow on Friday evening. I knew they would enjoy being able to run around and pick up the snow before it was really sticking to the ground.

Ryder definitely does not like to walk in the snow. Even if it is only 2 inches! So I carried him into the middle of the grassy area covered in snow and put him down. He was not happy when I walked away to take this picture...

Zak loves throwing snowballs!
This morning Ben went outside to dig a pathway for the boys to play in since we knew the snow was way to high for them to really play "in". They had a blast running around in the circle path!
Zak throwing more snowballs!
Zak asked Ben to put him "in" the snow. So Ben picked him up and dropped him into an untouched patch of snow. Zak though it was so fun being buried!