Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Checking In

The snow started around 5pm last night and has not stopped. We were supposed to get the worst of this storm overnight, but that didn't happen. I guess the storm moved slower than expected because we are now in the blizzard today with white-out conditions and wind gusts of 60 mph! I have shoveled the back path for the dogs and the front path three times so far. The first time we had 8 inches, the second time 3 inches, and the third time 5 inches. This means so far we have gotten about 16 inches of snow and the forecast is saying another 5-10 inches by midnight. Our power has been flashing off and on a few times each hour since about 8am! Losing power is one of my biggest fears with being home alone during the storm. These winds are also very scary to watch as the trees nearly bend over and touch the ground so who knows if any will actually break and fall over or not.

I had a real panic attack last night in anticipation of this storm. I was just scared of anything that might happen which led to lots of tears from me along with the boys because they were playing off of my mood. Today I have been better, but not happy.

Now for some pictures....

Remember that I did shovel 3 times today already:

5pm last night
10pm last night
8am today
10am today
I have not been able to talk to Ben today because the place they are working at in VA has a no cellphone rule. Once he is done for the day I am sure I will hear from him.