Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Been A Few Days

I feel like I have not posted on here for a while even though it has only been a few days. This was a very long weekend....

Friday night we went to dinner with Rich, Laura & Haleigh at a new place in Glen Burnie. It was supposed to be a sports bar, but once we got inside and looked at the menu we realized it was more of a seafood place. The service was horrible and it took forever to get food and don't even try to get a drink refill! Ben got a Cheese Steak Sandwich, Rich had a crab cake, Laura had a burger, the boys had chicken nuggets and I had Salmon fillet with crab meat on top. I thought my food was really good, but we decided that we would not be going back because of the horrible service and higher than expected prices. After we finished eating we all headed to Marley Station Mall to let the boys run around in the play area. We were then kicked out the door when the mall closed at 9pm and headed home. On our way home my stomach started to bother me, but nothing too bad. Once we got home we put the boys to bed, I took a shower and went to bed.

That is when my LONG weekend started. Around 1:30am I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom because my stomach was not feeling good at all. I then spent the next 4 hours in the bathroom throwing up constantly. I was finally able to get in the shower to clean up and get back in bed. I continued to get sick about every 30 minutes until about 7am. Ben got up with the boys and let me stay in bed because it was obvious I did not feel well at all. Around 9am Ben decided to take the boys to the mall so they could run around and get out of the house. They were knocking on our bedroom door and didn't understand why I was not going with them, but they had fun once they got to the mall. I got sick a few more times, but finally fell asleep for a few hours. I snacked on some crackers Saturday evening as my stomach started to calm down. The boys had a pretty lazy afternoon once they got home from the mall...

Sunday morning I woke up with my stomach feeling a little better, but I then had a massive headache and was dizzy/weak from not eating. We all got dressed and went to the grocery store and BJ's. While at BJ's we looked at TV's because we knew our big screen was dying and planned to buy a new one with our tax money. I felt pretty good until we got to the check-out at the grocery store where I started to feel really dizzy and sick to my stomach once again. When we got home I laid down to take a nap. In the end, I am pretty sure I had food poisoning from dinner on Friday night. My blood sugars stayed pretty normal which usually means it was not a virus or infection.

At BJ's we did find the TV we wanted to buy because it was on sale and had a feature that we had not thought about having. We called Rich to see if he would be able to come over with the truck and help Ben get the TV and entertainment center from BJ's. So Sunday evening we got our new TV! It is a 42 inch LCD with a built-in Blu-Ray player which will also play DVD's and CD's. We had originally been looking at a 47-50 inch TV, but decided the 42 inch would fit in our living room better and the built-in player was an awesome feature! We had to re-arrange the living room for the arrival of the new TV so here are some pictures...

Last night I tried to eat some dinner, but every time I smelled food I would feel extremely sick to my stomach. So I snacked on some crackers again before heading to bed. This morning I woke up feeling pretty good compared to this weekend. I have had a headache all day, but I was able to eat a banana and then a turkey sandwich for lunch.

This morning I dropped Zak off at daycare around 8:45am and then Ryder and I headed to Johns Hopkins hospital for his sedated MRI. I was nervous having him go under general anesthesia, but knew he would do fine since he has been under twice before with no problems. They let me come into the back and hold him while he fell asleep using the gas mask. I then laid him down on the bed and had to go back to the waiting room. They told me they would be putting in an IV and breathing tube as precautions and the scan would take about 40 minutes. I anxiously watched the clock and finally about 1.5 hours later they came to get me. When I got to the back Ryder was still sound asleep and it took him a while to wake up so we stayed in the recovery area a little longer than normal. Once he was fully awake he was allowed to drink some apple juice. After about 30 minutes of keeping the juice down they took out the IV and sent us on our way. I am hoping to hear from the doctor with the results soon, but not sure when. The boys are now watching Madagascar 2 and playing together.

On Wednesday I am going to try and take the boys to playgroup. On Thursday Ryder has a session with his special educator and then a speech evaluation in the afternoon. We have decided to seek private speech therapy to help work on his oral motor skills (chewing) in addition to the Early Intervention therapy he receives every other week.