Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tracy's Baby Shower

The past few days I have been working on getting everything together and ready for Tracy's baby shower. I talked to Tracy many times about what games, food and other things she wanted for her baby shower. But she had no clue about the surprise aspect of her party! She thought the shower was on March 6, but today when she got home from lunch with Kelly she found a house full of friends and family ready to celebrate. She was pretty clueless about what was really going on until she walked up the steps and saw everyone! We played a few games, had some good food and delicious cake, and watched Tracy open lots of gifts. Here are some pictures....

Decorations I made
Tracy walking into the party
Emma (16 months old, has twin brother)
James (Emma's twin brother)
Tracy and Sarah
Bandit helping Tracy open gifts
Mary and Katelynn
Mandy watching from above
Tracy opening gifts
Diaper Cake that Mandy made
Clothesline decoration
Cookies made by Melissa
Cake made by Melissa
Today was a long day since we left the house at 10:30am and didn't get home until around 9pm, but it was fun! Ben and the boys left the baby shower once Tracy got there and went to another party for somebody in Rich's family while I stayed at the baby shower. They then went to Best Buy and came back to pick me up from Tracy's house. We then went to Chevy's at Arundel Mills for dinner, but while we were waiting for our table Zak started to feel sick. All of a sudden he was burning up and just looked horrible. He seemed to perk up a bit when we first sat down, but then he went downhill so we packed up our food and headed home. I gave him Tylenol and he was immediately asleep. I am sure it will be a long night with him waking up periodically though. Tomorrow we plan to stay home and relax since Ben flies to Kansas City on Monday for the week.