Thursday, February 4, 2010


This winter Maryland has gotten an insane amount of snow. We usually have 1 or 2 decent snow storms, but this year it has snowed quit a few times and it is only February. I looked back at my past blog posts regarding snow and have summed up the following:

2/3/10: 5-6 inches
1/30/10: 6 inches
12/31/09: 3 inches or so (didn't actually blog about how much we got)
12/19/09: 20-24 inches
12/5/09: 3 inches or so (didn't actually blog about the amount)

And at the moment our county is under a Winter Storm Warning. This warning is calling for 16-24 inches of snow starting mid-morning Friday through Saturday. They are calling for near-blizzard conditions because of the heavy snow and high winds. In this warning they are saying it has the potential to be just like the storm on 12/19/09! I won't even start talking about the snow storm in the extended forecast for Wednesday next week!

I did find out today that Ben will be off tomorrow because they don't have much work for this month and he got 6.5 hours of overtime the other night which will cover not working tomorrow. Once Ben gets home today we plan to make a trip to the grocery store and Target. The reason for Target is they have diapers on a great sale so I figured it wouldn't hurt to stock up with the weather forecast we have!

Now for some pictures of the snow yesterday....