Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crazy Week

This has been a crazy busy week for us. Monday morning Ben had to fly to TN for work. I always dread the weeks that Ben is out of town for the whole week because the boys (mainly Zak) tend to act up and become very cranky about mid-week which makes it tough on me as well. They get to talk to Ben on the phone each morning and sometimes in the evening as well. They usually talk to Ben about "Bap Bap" and "Robby" aka Batman & Robin. After Ben left for the airport I left to take Zak to daycare and go to Ryder's therapy class. I also had a chance to get Ryder's haircut before we picked Zak up from daycare.

Tuesday has been the big news day of the week though. Around 3:45am I got a text message from Tracy that she was at the hospital in labor! I then talked to her around 6:30am and she was progressing well. I told them I had a WIC appointment at 8:30am and then would see if Rich could watch the boys so I could come to the hospital if they wanted me to. I talked to Rich around 7:45am and he said I could bring the boys over around noon. We went to the WIC appointment, got Zak's haircut and then headed to Target and Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I dropped the boys off to Rich at noon and got to the hospital around 12:30pm. When I got there Tracy had stalled around 8cm for a while so we sat around and talked. Dave took a little break and went downstairs to grab some lunch since I was with Tracy. Then around 2pm Tracy started pushing. She pushed so good for close to 2 hours, but around 3:45pm the OB decided it was time for a c-section because the baby was facing the wrong direction and just wasn't progressing any more. While Tracy and Dave were in the OR for the c-section I moved all of their stuff to the post partum room and then went to the waiting area. Dave's mom and Tracy's dad got to the hospital while I was in the waiting room so we sat around and chatted for a bit. Then Dave came downstairs to tell us the great news...Kyle David Winters was born at 4:09pm weighing 6lb 15oz and was 19.5 inches long! Tracy and Kyle were both doing well. Once they were in their room and settled the 3 of us went up to visit and meet Kyle. We each got to hold and cuddle with him for a bit which was awesome. I then had to leave and pick up the boys from Rich to take them home and in bed. Tracy has made a post about Kyle's birth and a second post with pictures on her blog so head over there to see them. Here are a few pictures that I have...

Tracy and Kyle
The happy family
Tracy & Kyle still in the recovery room
Me holding Kyle
Dave giving Kyle his first feeding
Wednesday Ryder has a session with his special educator here at the house. We talked about his IEP meeting in June and worked on some skills that have been giving him some trouble. We are still trying to get the concept of big and little to click with him. I know it will come in time so we just try to work on it on a regular basis and it helps to have Zak be a model for Ryder with these skills. Ryder's speech therapist was supposed to come also, but she was sick and unable to come.

Today Ryder had a session with his OT and we worked on some shoulder strength and stability activities. These activities will help build and stabilize the muscles he needs down the road to write. We also worked on some "writing" while laying on his belly and sitting in a seated position. At the moment we are working on drawing a vertical line, horizontal line, and circle. We also made a trip to Target so I could buy Avatar which came out on video today. I was a bad mom and called to cancel Ryder's private speech therapy session for this afternoon because we just needed a break. We have been busy and stressed because of needing to pack and get ready for our trip to FL. I think it was the right decision because the boys actually napped today for about 2 hours which allowed me to get laundry done and watch Avatar.

Tomorrow I have to really pack for our trip because we leave on Saturday! Ben will get back to BWI around 10pm from TN so he will not make it home until late. I am sure we will both be up late in the night trying to get everything together for out trip though. On Saturday morning we will pack up the dogs and head to Laura's house. We will get the dogs settled and then Laura is going to take us to the airport. Our flight is at 12:30pm so we will need to get there around 10:30am. I love to fly, but when I fly with the boys I tend to stress for one reason or another. I will be very glad once we land in FL and start our week of fun.