Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tuesday morning the boys had an appointment with the dentist that Grandma Mary works for. This appointment was just for the boys to see the office, sit in the chair and let the dentist look at their teeth. They both did very well! The dentist said that Zak's teeth looked great and he is just missing his two bottom 2-year-old molars. Ryder has an under bite and his teeth are small, but the dentist said all baby teeth can look different. He also said Ryder is missing all four of his 2-year-old molars along with 1 eye tooth. He is currently getting in the three other eye teeth so he is delayed in the tooth aspect which we already knew. The dentist even said it is a possibility he may not even have the fourth eye tooth baby tooth because that can happen so we will just wait and see. We are supposed to just watch the under bite and should follow-up with a pediatric dentist in a bit to see if anything needs to be done to help correct it, but they said usually it is fine with no treatment.

As for me, I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I have had some very bad experiences with the dentist office so I am always very stressed when walking into any dentist office. When I was little I had my 2 front teeth pulled out and then lots of visits to the dentist for work on my bridge (fake teeth in the front) along with various cavities and what not. The dentist has always been extremely traumatic for me to the point that I get sick to my stomach as soon as I walk in the door. I am even known to actually throw up while in the waiting room! I require a very heavy sedative to be able to sit in the chair for an exam. My mom did make fun of me because while sitting in the waiting room I started to panic when I heard the noises from the suction thingy and drills.

Ben also had an appointment with the dentist because he was having trouble with one of his top wisdom teeth. He has been having trouble with it for a year or so now because pieces have slowly been breaking off of it and causing pain periodically. While in TN last week for work it started to really hurt and by the time we got to FL he was in a lot of pain. The dentist did an x-ray and decided the one tooth was infected and needed to come out. He also said the other top wisdom tooth should be pulled since it was starting to fall apart as well. The dentist also said Ben has 1 bottom wisdom tooth which has not come in yet and he could pull it as well. So Ben chose to have the top 2 wisdom teeth pulled.

After we were home from the dentist Ben stayed home and the rest of us went out for some shopping. I will be very honest and admit that I was not happy with Ben. He has been having trouble with his teeth for a long time and then decided to have something done about it while on vacation. It did not make me happy at all. I also need my wisdom teeth pulled because they are coming in at all angles and causing most of my migraines, but have not done anything for many reasons. I just wish he had not done it during our vacation with my mom. This put me into a bad mood for a few days which really didn't make the vacation as good as it could have been, but I just couldn't help being a little selfish while visiting my mom who lives pretty far away from what I am used to living from family. He has been taking antibiotics for the infected area of the tooth along with Advil for pain, but he swears it has not hurt other than immediately after the teeth being pulled. He was ready to go out shopping with us, but I was just in such a bad mood that I made him stay home for the day.