Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Today we all woke up and got ready to spend the day at Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Ben was very convincing that he was not having any issues with his 2 teeth which were pulled yesterday morning so he went with us. I think we all had a really good time. The weather was perfect because there was a slight breeze and it was only in the 70's or so. The park was not overly crowded so we were able to ride lots of rides with the longest line being about 20 minutes long! The rides we rode are: Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, It's A Small World (has always been a favorite of mine), Dumbo the Flying Elephant (I remember riding this with my mom when I was little so it was so neat being able to take the boys on it!), Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan's Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White's Scary Adventure, The Haunted Mansion, and then Zak & Ben rode on the Goofy Roller Coaster because Ryder & Piper chose not to.

We had lunch and dinner at the park and we were able to watch the parade at 3pm. On our way out of the park we did some shopping of course and the boys got spoiled by "Grammy". We had told the boys they could choose one small stuffed animal which they did. But then they both grabbed a second one so I took one away from Zak, but Ryder was not giving up his second choice. So my mom decided to buy them both two stuffed animals. Zak picked Daisy Duck (his girlfriend) and Mickey while Ryder chose Pluto and Mickey. I also picked up a little gift for baby Kyle which I hope to take to him later this week (I need some cuddle time with the cutie!). We then headed out of the park and took the ferryboat back to our car and got back to the house around 9pm or so.

Time for pictures!

Mom & Piper on Buzz ride
Ben & Zak on Dumbo
Mom & Piper on Dumbo
Ryder making Dumbo go up & down
Ben and Zak on Buzz
Ryder on the Jungle Cruise
Zak & Piper finding animals on the Jungle Cruise
Ryder hugging Piper while waiting for the parade
Everyone waiting for the parade
Zak was not so happy waiting for Piper & my mom
Ben & Zak on the goofy roller coaster
Eating Dinner
Duck trying to steal food from Zak
Sharing the double stroller
Showing off their stuffed animals
Sitting on the Ferryboat in matching outfits from Grammy
Castle at night from the Ferryboat
I took a ton more pictures which you can see in this photo album

Like I said, we all had a great time. We did have to give my mom a hard time about one thing though. Zak wanted to see Daisy Duck so badly! As we walked into the park Daisy Duck was there with a massive line waiting to see her so my mom said they would get to see her in the parade and even in another area of the park so we moved on. Well, Daisy Duck was no where to be found in the park the rest of the day AND she was not in the parade at all! Although, Zak is very much like his mother and seems to be pretty scared of the characters once we got up close to them. Most pictures from my childhood show Chelley hugging them and I am on the side crying my eyes out!