Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, Sunday & Monday in FL

On Saturday morning we left the house around 8am to head to Laura's house. We got the dogs settled in, had some Chick-Fil-A breakfast and then loaded up in her car to head for the airport. The boys were so behaved while checking in at the airport, going through security and for most of the wait at the gate. The last 20 minutes before boarding Zak went into a complete meltdown, but once on the plane they both fell asleep soon after taking off. They slept until about 25 minutes before landing so it was really a good flight. Here are a few pictures from the airport...

On Sunday we had Piper's birthday party which was fun. I was able to see most of the family who live in FL while the boys had fun playing in the bounce house my mom rented. I didn't get to see baby Noah or baby Abby (or Jesse, Kimberly, Christian, Amy, Justin) though. Here are some pictures from the party...

There are a ton of other pictures so here is the photo album with them

On Monday we spent the day at Sea World watching all of the animals and getting on a few rides. The boys loved watching all of the animals! They also had fun on the few little rides in the kid area at the park. The boys got to pick out oysters and get a pearl. The pearls were my Mother's Day gift from them so I had them both put onto a ring together. I will try to remember to get a picture of the ring and post on here later.

Piper & Grandma on the roller coaster in the kid area
(right next to the big green pole)
I have a bunch more pictures of our day at Sea World in this photo album