Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And It Begins....

I really think this year the "winter" illnesses are hitting earlier than normal. The boys had a pretty decent summer health-wise (other than the multiple bouts of pneumonia in April). Then Ryder got an ear infection a few days after his birthday. Then both boys started getting their on and off cough which we have become accustomed to. Well, over the last week Zak's cough turned into a cold and then continued to get worse. This morning I finally decided to get him an appointment with the pediatrician.

His cough has become very wet and more frequent along with having some coughing fits. He also has a runny nose and hoarse voice. Other than that he was pretty much acting fine although he was a little cranky and not eating as much. So I figured I would get him checked out and be told he has a virus and just wait it out.

The pediatrician checked him out and said he has pneumonia in his upper left lung. She then said his throat was extremely red, raw and swollen so they did a throat culture on him. He was not happy about this, but it was over quick. About 5 minutes the pediatrician came back in and said it was positive. So she sent him home with prescriptions for 10 days of antibiotics, 5 days of oral steroids, and a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks. If after 5 days he is not improving or has gotten worse than I am supposed to call and bring him in earlier.

Zak was all excited about getting medicine though! My kids LOVE to take medicine so that is nice not having a battle trying to get them to take it when they do need it. Tonight Zak got his daily Zantac (twice a day), oral steroid (once a day for 5 days), and antibiotic (twice a day for 10 days) as Ryder watched crying asking for his medicine. He did just finish up antibiotics last week for an ear infection.

I am worried what infections and illnesses Ryder will bring home once he starts school if they are both already starting with the cough and illnesses this early!