Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Party

Today was the boys' birthday party. They had a Toy Story themed party at my grandparent's house who have a pool. In the morning we met Chelley, John & Madelyn at the mall for breakfast. We then went to Sams Club to pick up cupcakes, fruit and water for the party. Then we all went to Kohls looking at clothes for the kids since they were having a sale and my mom had some coupons as well. Madelyn got quite a few dresses and the boys got a bunch of shirts. Ben also got a few shirts. Then we came back to the hotel room to do some last minute things for the party. The kids had fun playing with the boys' new Buzz & Woody Mr.Potato Heads.

We then headed to set up for the party around 2:45pm. All of the kids (and some of the adults) had fun in the pool. We then had pizza and opened gifts. Then the kids got back in the pool for a while.

Zak going down the water slide
Ben holding baby Kyle
Friends from High School
(Mya, me, Mandy, Tracy)
10 years later!
With our kids
(Ryder, Zak 3 years old, Kyle 3.5 months old)
Ryder going down the water slide
Zak going down the slide again
Looking at goody bags
I think it was a successful party because everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I still can't get over how far the boys have come with their swimming skills this summer. At the beginning of the summer we had to hold them and now they are on their own in the pool with swimmies on their arms and even going down the water slide and going underwater! They are growing up way too fast!!