Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Few Days

The other morning we took the boys to get a donut from Dunkin Donuts since they both had a coupon for a free donut from their library reading program. They both picked the chocolate frosted with pink sprinkles. They really enjoyed them and made a pretty good mess with them.

On Tuesday the boys & I went to Arundel Mills to have lunch with my mom & Piper because they had just arrived in MD from FL. The 3 kids were very happy to see each other. Zak and Piper had a good time talking like crazy.

This morning Ryder had a therapy session at home. Then Poppy picked them up to take them to a pool party for Nanny's company. While they were gone I was busy packing. When Ben got home from work we packed up the car and headed to his mom's house. We dropped the dogs off there and picked up the boys from them. We then headed to Annapolis for dinner with some family. We are staying in a hotel with my mom & Piper until Sunday night. Once we got to the hotel the kids ran around for a while and then laid down on the couch together. We then opened up the couch to let them lay in bed.

It didn't take too long before the 3 of them were wiggling and moving around fighting going to sleep. So Piper sat in my mom's lap in the chair until she fell asleep and then my mom put her in bed with her. I laid in bed with the boys and Ryder fell asleep pretty quickly. Zak took the longest and asked for his shoes because he needed to go home, but finally he fell asleep too (after 11pm).