Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bike Riding

On Saturday we went to Rich & Laura's for lunch then took the boys bike riding. We took them to a little playground that is in Rich & Laura's neighborhood so Rich came to watch the boys show off their skills. Zak is getting really good at riding his bike, but does have trouble if he accidentally pedals backgrounds which makes activates the brake or if he runs into difficult terrain and gets stuck. The first video is very cute and shows you how enthusiastic Zak is about riding his bike. Ryder has not mastered pedaling the bike and honestly he really doesn't seem to try or understand. He is just happy sitting on it, walking around pushing it, and occasionally being pushed by us. The second video shows Ben giving Ryder a big push.

Tomorrow we don't have any plans. On Tuesday we go to Ryder's class for the last time since he will be 3 on Thursday! Then we are going to meet my mom & Piper for lunch because they will just be getting into town. On Wednesday Ryder has a therapist coming to the house for a session and then Poppy is going to pick the boys up to go to a party during the day. That will leave me home alone to get everything packed so when Ben gets home we can head to Rich & Laura's to drop the dogs off and pick up the boys. Then we will be staying with my mom & Piper in a hotel suite in Annapolis until Sunday.