Monday, September 6, 2010

Maryland State Fair

Yesterday we left the house at 8:15am and headed to the Maryland State Fair. We knew it was going to be crazy since there was a sold out concert at 7pm for Justin Bieber, but thought if we went early we would be able to leave before it got too bad. We were meeting Colleen and the kids there also which the boys were excited about. As we were getting to the fairgrounds Colleen called asking if we had seen the line to get into the fair...there were people standing waiting in line to get into the fair for blocks! So we decided to drive around to the back and park at the MARC station. It was a great idea because parking was free and there was no line to get in at that entrance.

We first went to the cow palace to see all of the cows. They had big ones, little ones and babies. The boys liked watching the cows walk around in the circle ring for the cow shows.

Our next stop was the birthing center. They had several eggs hatching so we stood and watched that for a bit. They also had two mommy piggies nursing their babies which the boys really liked watching.

After watching the babies for a while we went to see the horses. Zak stood and watched this girl ride this horse for a long time, he thought it was so neat.

We then found our way to the Lego area. Jamison was extremely excited about this area and the boys had fun as well.

After walking around for a while the kids convinced us it was time to get get tickets and ride a few rides. Zak wanted to go on all of the "adult" rides, but we convinced him to ride the "big kid" rides instead.

This ride went much faster than we realized it would! Zak's faces were SO funny the whole time. Ryder also looked freaked out, but as soon as they got off they both wanted to go again!

Joey, Jamison, and I went on this ride. It was pretty fun, I had never seen this ride before.

We then walked through the competition building and saw the giant pumpkins and watermelons.
Then we went back to the Lego area for a while again...

Around noon we made our way to the pig racing area. The pigs were very cute and funny to watch racing around the track. They also had a pig that jumped into the water and swam across to the other side.

Then we found the Animal World exhibit which the kids liked because they got to pet some of the animals.

We then went to the kid's area where they had coloring, corn maze, and a few other things for the kids to do.
While they were in the kid's area I went back to the birthing center. There was a cow in active labor so I stayed there for a bit to see if I could watch the calf be born. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it because the kids were ready to leave. I did get to see one of the piglets that was born 2 days ago at the fair...

We got home around 3pm and the boys were napping by 4pm. Around 6pm Rich, Laura, and Haleigh came over for dinner and to bring the dogs to our house. They are going to Myrtle Beach for about 1.5 weeks so Sam & Alexis are going to be staying with us.

Here is a video of the end of the fast ride the kids went on. I wish I had taken a video sooner while Zak was actually screaming...