Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zak's YMCA Class

I wanted to share a picture of the boys that I thought is very cute. Zak is much better about watching Ryder get on the bus and go to school, but he still loves and misses his brother while he is gone. This was Zak hugging Ryder as we saw the bus coming into our court yesterday to pick Ryder up....

Today was Zak's first class at the YMCA. All morning he was telling me "I go to my school. Ry Ry no go my school. I play sports my school". I was glad to see how excited he was about getting to go to his special class while Ryder was at school. I had planned to just sit in the lobby or outside during the class because I was hoping to use this as socialization and independence time for Zak, but when we got there all of the other parents sat around the gym to watch. So I joined them and sat to watch the class. At the beginning Zak wouldn't sit and stretch with the coaches and kids and continually ran over to me. I went over and stood by him while he sat with the other kids. When they did running, skipping, and sliding across the floor he again refused to do it, but finally gave in and ran back and forth. Once the soccer balls came out he participated without needing me which was good. He did have some issues sitting and waiting for his turn so he would start to wander or kick the ball while he was supposed to be sitting. The coach was really good and would tell him if he sat and waited his turn on the next drill he would get to go first and then he ended up taking Zak's ball away from him until he agreed to sit and wait for his turn. I think overall he did great for being his first class and needing to take direction from other adults and learn how to wait his turn with other kids. I didn't take my camera since I had not planned to sit and watch, but I did get a few with my cell phone. The video quality is horrible, but it gives you an idea as to what they did. Next week will be soccer again and then the following 2 weeks they will work on basketball.

Ryder does not have school tomorrow or Tuesday because schools are closed for various reasons so his next day will be Wednesday. Zak's class is every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.