Friday, October 22, 2010

YMCA Halloween Party

This evening we went to the YMCA for their family Halloween party. The boys were extremely excited to be able to wear their costumes. We have had them for a little while and let the boys try them on, but other than that they have been off-limits until Halloween so they didn't get messed up. We knew the boys would have fun because the theme for the whole party was Toy Story!

Here are a few pictures from when we got home. The boys are showing off the scarecrow they got to make using old baby clothes, a stocking, and hay. They had more fun jumping in the hay pile than making the scarecrow so I ended up doing most of it.

Yes, they wore their Buzz & Woody pjs under the costumes
When we first got there the boys decorated a white paper bag to be their treat bag. After each game they got to pick a treat and put it in their bags. They had games set up in the gym and activity room. The pictures in this post are horrible quality because I used my cell phone and any movement makes really bad pictures along with the fact that the activity room had no lights because there was glow in the dark stuff in there...

Pin the tail on the horse
Cowboy croquet
Ryder was jumping up & down because he did so good
Toy Story hop scotch
Roller Rodeo
Cowboy pictures
Toy Story story time
Buzz bowling
Green alien golf
At the end of the night they had a costume parade. All of the kids lined up and walked around the hallways, through the workout room and into the gym. There were a few other Buzz and Woody costumes, but some other really neat ones as well. The boys did great walking in the parade and held hands the whole time.