Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big News

Well, the big news for our family is that today Ben got a call and was given a job offer! We are so excited that he was offered this job. He went and did the drug and DOT testing today so should hear back for his start date shortly. This job has a very flexible schedule meaning he won't always know his hours and will be on-call at times, but at this point we are happy he has a job. He does have to get his CDL and attend 3 training classes (1 week each in Kansas City) in the next 6 months, but once again we will figure that out.

Not too much to update about the boys so I decided to try and get some videos of them to post. They do so many cute things now, but they are so hard to catch on video or even with pictures. The boys now know what the camera is so when ever they see it I am not able to get pictures because they stop what they are doing and try to get the camera from me. I waited until a little before bedtime to try and get some videos so they did not cooperate all that well, but I did get a few things to post. My computer is acting up when ever I try to upload videos so some of them will be sideways, but I will still work on trying to edit them to make them better. As always, ignore whatever is being said in the background because we are never good about remembering I am taking a video so much of our conversations get taped without realizing it.

Ryder playing Peek-A-Boo

Zak pushing Ryder on the 4-wheeler

Ryder on the Zebra

Zak Walking