Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Shoes

Today we decided to go out and run some errands which turned into being out for almost 5 hours. First, we went to Ace and got some WD-40 for all of the squeaky doors in the house (Ben had a rewards card so it ended up being free). Afterwards, we went to Target to get somethings on our shopping list that my mom and Piper will need for their stay in MD. Then we went to the mall to have lunch and let the boys play in the kid area for a bit. While standing in line at Chick-fil-a I noticed that there were several sets of twins there as well; it felt as if there was a twin convention going on. After eating we took the boys to play in the kid area, but that didn't last too long because a cleaning crew kicked us all out so they could clean the play area. Although the boys left kicking and screaming I was happy to know that they actually do clean that place. Since our time was cut short at the play area we walked around the mall looking for some new shoes for the boys. I wanted Zak to have a pair of good shoes since he is really starting to walk, but I absolutely HATE velcro on kids' shoes because they get them off before I even turn around. After looking in several stores and realizing how ridiculously expensive toddler shoes are we found some cute ones at Payless. Here they are....

Zak's Shoes

Ryder's Shoes

Tomorrow we plan to go grocery shopping to buy everything we need for Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are going to be staying home and making our own dinner. Tracy & Dave will be going to Easton to eat at Dave's parents' house. My mom, Piper, Chelley, John & Madelyn will be coming here for dinner which will be nice since it has been a few years since Chelley & I have had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. Thursday I am planning to go and hang out with Chelley, John & Madelyn for a bit. Ben will probably be starting work on Monday or Tuesday so I want to spend time with Madelyn while I still can. Of course come the end of December I will be spending plenty of time with Miss Madelyn, but I can never get enough of a baby! Saturday we are going to have dinner at my grandmother's and celebrate my cousin's birthday since she will be in town visiting from NY and then my mom & Piper fly in that night.

In the next few weeks I plan to try and spend some time in Annapolis with my grandmother so the boys can also spend time with her. She had lung cancer 2 years ago which requires surgery and on Monday we just found out the cancer has come back, but this time it is Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She will be starting radiation treatments 5 days a week for 10 weeks in order to try and kill off the cancer.