Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Busy Days

The last few days have been extremely busy in our household. I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital with Chelley and Madelyn so that John could go home to feed/walk their dog (Orion) as well as get a little break from the hospital setting. Meanwhile, Ben has been home with the boys playing. I received a troubling picture through a text message from Ben yesterday morning showing me what the men in my life were up to while I am gone. I guess boys will be boys, huh?

Yesterday we made a trip to Babies R Us to get some stuff for Chelley and baby Madelyn. I always love to have an excuse to shop and it is even better when I am spending somebody else's money! We got some baby lotion for Chelley (the room is really dry), a baby sling (Madelyn is what we call a cuddle whore...always wants to be held with is just fine for a baby!), sleep positioner, formula, and baby water. While we were there Zak wanted to walk around so we took Ben put him down and held his hand to help him walk around the store. After a little bit of that we let Zak hold onto the cart to walk which then turned into Zak pushing the cart! It was so cute and everybody there was laughing. Ben just had to make sure he didn't run into anything, but Zak was doing all of the work. After shopping we went to vote. The boys fell asleep in the car on the way to voting so Ben and I took turns going inside to vote. Since we had not changed our address with the voter administration we had to vote on paper ballots, but at least we did get to vote. Then we came home to play with fix dinner. And once again I headed back to the hospital to hang out for a bit.

Today is a big day for us because Ben is at a second interview for a job we are really hoping he will get. The manager is a neighbor of Ben's mother that Ben knows. The background check went through with no problems so today he has an interview with the "top guy" which hopefully will go well. Keep your fingers crossed! I went to help out at the hospital early this morning and will go back around dinner time again. Chelley and Madelyn will be discharged tomorrow morning and I know they are all looking forward to getting home and starting their lives as a family.

I just can't stop talking about how I do not remember the boys ever being as small as Madelyn even though she weighs more than twice what Ryder weighed at birth! Time sure does fly with these kiddos, a little too fast for me. I do miss my little babies, but they are growing up into wonderful little boys. I have to admit that I have LOVED being able to be the person that Chelley & John have asked to help out at the hospital because I just love everything involving a baby. I am looking forward to being the person who will watch Madelyn once Chelley does go back to work; it will be a lot of work but well worth it. I am sure the boys will enjoy having her around too, babies can be so entertaining for little kids.
We are also getting the house set up for a visit from my mom and Piper. Now that the boys are in their bedroom downstairs we are moving some stuff around so that my mom and Piper can sleep in the guest room. They fly in the evening of Saturday November 15 and then fly back to FL the afternoon of Tuesday December 2. It will be a long stay, but this way my mom will be on town to help Chelley & John with Madelyn once John goes back to work along with being here for Thanksgiving and Mum Mum's birthday (my grandmother). The plan is for my mom to sleep at Chelley & John's apartment while Piper stays at the house with us. Hopefully this will work out, but changes might be made to accommodate everybody involved.

Now for some pictures....

Bad Boy Zak

Sleepy Boys (fell asleep while playing)

Zak pushing Ryder in the cart