Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving this year. This wonderful family holiday started with a visit to my grandparents on Tuesday. We had dinner with them and let them play with Piper and the boys for a while, everybody had a good time.

Yesterday my mom and Ben were busy cooking dinner for our feast that night. Tracy & Dave had gone to Easton for dinner with Dave's parents so we had a family dinner here at the house. In the end it was my mom, Piper, myself, Ben, Zak, Ryder, Roy, Natalie, Seth, and Mum Mum. Chelley came by to pick up a box of food that we had put together for her and John since they were unable to come and eat with us. We had LOTS of food with plenty of leftovers of course. After eating dinner we all hung out watching football and looking at the Black Friday ads. Once everybody left we headed over to John Adair's house to have dessert with Colleen, Jo, Jamison, Kay, Jim, Hallie, Nathan, and John. The boys had a ton of fun playing with Nathan who is only 3 weeks younger than them while Piper enjoyed playing with Hallie and Jo.

Today we decided there wasn't really anything we needed to go out to get early in the morning since we had not seen anything great in the ads. So we got a slow start and finally got out of the house around 10am or so. We went to Circuit City, Game Stop, and Target to finish off our Christmas shopping. Then we all went to have lunch at Mum Mum's house and hung out for most of the afternoon. Once we got home around 4pm the boys were exhausted so they went down for a late nap.

Now for the pictures...



Zak begging for dessert

Seth & Piper

The boys with Black Friday ads

Natalie & Piper

Zak with daddy's empty beer can

Mum Mum & Piper

Mum Mum & Zak

Mum Mum & Ryder

Mum Mum & the boys

place cards that Piper made for everyone

Daddy & his boys watching football

The kids in the family (except Madelyn)

Nathan, Jo, Piper, Ryder, Hallie, Zak, Jamison