Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Pictures

All I can say is what a mess. I don't know why anybody in their right mind would want to get their toddlers dressed up all nice and take them to a store at the mall for pictures in which they need to pose for. I should have known better, but I figured we would give it a shot. My mom and I took Zak, Ryder, and Piper to get pictures done this morning. Our appointment was at 10:30am so we got there a little early to look at backgrounds and so on, but we didn't even get into the room until about 11am. Each of the 3 kids had their own issues we had to work through while trying to get some decent pictures. My mom and I finally told the photographer to just snap the camera when ever Zak was not crying, Ryder was facing her and Piper was not pushing them around.

Zak wouldn't stop crying for anything. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. Once the photographer was not behind the camera he was fine, but as soon as she went to take a picture he would start crying. He did this at their 12 month pictures also. He is just not photogenic at all.

Ryder was on the move and didn't want to sit still long enough for even 1 picture. He was constantly bouncing up and down, turning around and even making laps around the backgrounds. Finally, I got the photographer to get a box for him to stand up at and that helped keep him from crawling off the background. We did end up getting some adorable pictures of him though.

Piper was definitely a drama queen. She posed for her pictures and was wonderful until we tried to put the boys with her. She would yell and cry if either of them touched her which made it impossible to get a picture of the 3 of them.

In the end we got a great picture of Piper alone, a few really cute pictures of Ryder alone, 1 picture of Zak not crying alone and then 2 pictures of the boys together with no crying. Better than nothing at least. Here are a few of the good, the bad, and the ugly!