Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy Week

Ben started working at his new job yesterday which is great, but the boys and I missed having him around all day. He left the house around 7:15am and then got back home a little after 5pm. His hours are pretty much unknown because it all depends on how many jobs that have scheduled for each day so that will take sometime to get used to since his last job had exact hours. We are still waiting to find out when he will have to go away for his 3 training weeks in Kansas City. Also, we are waiting to find out if he will be able to make the trip to FL that we have had planned for a while now. The health insurance offered through his new job is very confusing and doesn't seem to be as good as the state health insurance the boys and I start on December 1. For now the boys and I are going to stay with the state insurance, but Ben might go ahead and get insurance for himself through work. I will continue to research the insurance and then next open enrollment (November 2009) we might re-think which insurance to use for the boys and I.

Today is the first day that I have Piper all day since my mom is helping Chelley out with Madelyn at their apartment. I am hoping things will go smoothly, but just in case I do have the secret stash of Hershey kisses to help with any meltdowns. We might try to venture out and look for a Christmas dress for Madelyn along with some more bottles, but I have not decided if I am brave enough to do this or not. I will try to get some cute pictures of Piper with the boys, but not sure how successful I will be.