Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zak's Best Friend Robby

All I heard today was Zak saying "Robbeee". This is what he calls Robin; we think he is mixing together Robin and puppy. The first thing out of his mouth this morning when I opened their bedroom door was "Robbee?". He just loves this puppy. She does get too rough when playing with him, but we are working on teaching Zak how to say no and walk away along with teaching Robin not to nip at Zak and pull him around by his clothes. Here are a few pictures of Zak with his buddy...

It is pretty funny because it seems like the boys have chosen their dog and they each play with that dog mostly. Zak is obviously attached to Robin and Ryder keeps wanting to play with Batman. It is pretty cute.
Tonight we went on a family walk which was nice. The boys were in the stroller and each dog was on their own leash. At first Robin just laid in the grass and didn't want to move. After some treats and gentle coaxing she got the idea.