Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Addition

We have been looking for a new addition to our family for a few weeks. We wanted a dog that had some lab in it along with something that would be good with the boys and Batman. After talking with various people and shelters we found the right dog for us. So, our new addition is a lab/golden mix puppy who was born 2/21. She is black and a nice size for her age. Her name is Robin...to go along with Batman. She is great with the boys although Ryder thinks she needs to learn about personal space once and a while. Batman is not too fond of her yet, but we know he will be fine once they get adjusted to each other. He is now ok with her being in the backyard and the kitchen so we are working on the living room now. Here are a few pictures of her from when we got home last night...they are from my cell phone so not great...

Today I took the boys to our new pediatrician for an appointment to check their weights and to meet the pediatrician. He was great with the boys so that is good. They have both gained weight, but he does want me to keep giving them Pediasure and start some vitamins. Ryder goes back June 23 to do a developmental eval since this pediatrician is also a developmental pediatrician.


Natalie said...

Yay for new puppies!! She is super cute!