Friday, May 29, 2009


The boys have become obsessed with Chick-Fil-A just as I am. If I go through the drive-thru just to get sweet tea they will start yelling and going crazy for food. Tonight we ate dinner there and decided to let the boys play in the indoor play area for the first time. They have a little toddler area and then the normal climbing, tunnels, and slide. At first they were both happy playing in the toddler area, but then they wanted to climb up the slide like the other kids. I was doing a good job of stopping them, but some how Ryder slipped by me and made it past my reach. I figured he wouldn't get very far because the slide was an enclosed slide that had 2.5 twists. Much to my surprise he made it all the way up to the top! This caused a problem because he was now up in the tunnels and wouldn't come back down the slide. Ben and I thought maybe if Zak went up there he would get Ryder to come down the slide...umm...that plan backfired! They were now both up in the tunnels playing and acting like we didn't exist anymore. After LOTS of coaxing and talking to them Ryder finally came down the slide on his own. After a little longer I finally asked a little girl who was going down the slide to grab Zak and bring him down with her. So down she came with Zak between her legs. After about 30 minutes or so we finally had both boys back down on the ground!

After having dinner we went to WalMart to buy some soda which was on sale (they ended up not having ANY of my soda!). We had seen some swimsuits for the boys that we wanted to try while there the other day so we went to check if they had gotten any smaller sizes in yet. They did have 1 X-Small so we bought it and only need to find 1 more now. The swim suits are two-pieces with swim trunks and a top that is a zip up vest with flotation inserts. Here are a few pictures of the boys showing off their new suit...


Lighthouse Photography said...

LOL Cute! Sounds like the boys loved the play-gym and Chic-Fil-A