Tuesday, May 5, 2009

21 Months Old!

Today the boys are 21 months old. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up. There are somethings I wish they would do faster/sooner and other things I wish they would stop doing so that they can be my babies forever. Now for some updates on the boys...

Zak: He is such a daredevil these days. He will climb up and over anything which has made childproofing near impossible. He has gotten very good at going up and down stairs on his own while holding onto the railing. He loves to help out with anything anybody is doing which has made unpacking interesting. He has stalled at 12 teeth for a while. He has not added any new signs recently, but continually uses the ones he knows. As for talking, he has really started to pick up in vocabulary recently. He also answers you in context many times. It really is amazing how quickly he has started to talk and try to mimic everything you say. He loves to ask "What's that?" and "Where did it go?". I will update his weight and height after the pediatrician appointment on May 12.

Ryder: He is still our cuddler. He has also started to talk a lot more, but more of babbling than actual words. He is always saying "What's that?" which is very cute. He is trying very hard to go up and down stairs, but still needs to hold our hand. He will stand at the top of the stairs and whine until somebody holds his hand so he can walk down instead of crawl. He is using the signs he knows a lot more which is great. He now has 8 teeth so he is starting to catch up to Zak in the tooth department.

They have both started to become interested in TV which can be nice to let us get things done once and a while. They like SpongeBob Square Pants, Sid the Science Kid, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Special Agent Oso. Pretty much anything with music or cartoons they will watch for a few minutes. Barney is also a favorite of theirs at the moment. Another favorite activity is to play with Batman. Batman has started to actually play with them a lot of the time which they love.

We have some big news to announce, but I have not had a chance until now to make a post. Zak peed on the potty the other morning. We have not officially started to potty train them, but they do like to sit on the potty chairs so we let them when ever they follow us into the bathroom. The other morning both sat on the potty chairs and Zak peed! He of course stuck his hand in to see what was going on and I am not sure he really understands why Ben and I got excited. We didn't have any treats ready for this moment so Ben ran downstairs and came back with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for him and Ryder freaked out because he didn't get one.

Today I took the boys to White Marsh Town Center for their weekly kids story time and music time. They had fun and got lots of attention since they were the only twins there. I had gotten so used to being in Annapolis where twins are everywhere, but I have not seen many in our new area.

Tonight we have somebody from Home Depot coming to give us an estimate on how much it will be to get the bathtub and shower walls re-done. It really needs to be done so we are getting a few estimates and trying to decide if Ben will do it on his own or if we will have somebody come do it for us. There is a leak behind the wall that needs to be fixed as well.

This weekend we are going to Dani's baby shower on Sunday which should be fun. The boys are going with us so they will get to play with Gavin which they always enjoy since he is only a few months older than them. Ben and I are going to try and go see a movie on Saturday and the boys will be with Laura. There are so many movies coming out between now and July that I want to see so we are hoping to get a chance to get out and see a few of them.