Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bathroom- Day 1

This morning Rich came over to help Ben with taking out the old bathtub and putting in the new bathtub. It took some demolition and time, but the new tub is now in place. Once the tub was in place Ben found out that he would have to do some plumbing because the spout was too low for the new tub. The remainder of the day Ben made a few trips to Home Depot and worked on the plumbing. Because of this we had to turn the water off to the house all day which meant making trips to the local Subway to use the toilet. Things of course didn't go as easily as planned so the plumbing did not get completed today. Around 9:30pm Ben decided to just connect it all just so that he could turn the water back on for us to have a working toilet overnight. Tomorrow he will hopefully finish the plumbing and get the shower walls installed. Here are some pictures of what our bathroom looked like today and tonight...
New tub in place
Old walls gone
Drywall gone to fix plumbing
You can see into our bedroom through the hole
With new fixtures just for the night
After Ben is done with our bathroom (or possibly if he needs a break) we are going to Rich & Laura's house to help set-up the pool in their backyard. This means we will be able to go swimming on Monday during the cook-out! After looking at the predicted weather I am hoping they are wrong and we don't get rain showers all day on Monday...