Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puppy Class- Day 1

Tonight I took Robin to her first puppy class. When we got there she was so calm and just laid down next to my chair. The other 2 puppies in the class (14 week-old boxer/pit mix and 14 week-old husky) were running around, playing with each other, dragging their owners all over the place. Finally I got Robin to stand up and go smell the other puppies and she got excited wagging her tail and playing. As soon as the training started she would just sit next to me or lay down and sleep. She showed off how she will sit for a treat which was nice. When it came to introducing the command Leave It she was worthless. The trainer would throw a treat on the floor near each puppy and the other 2 went crazy trying to get it, barking and so on. So the startle and Leave It command came in handy for them. When the treat was put in front of Robin she just looked at it and laid her head back down. What lab puppy do you know that would do that?! Once we got out of class I walked her to the grass so she could pee and while there she played like crazy with the other 2 puppies. It was so strange how she acted so differently. Hopefully we will find the Leave It command helpful at home when ever she starts nipping at the boys, steals toys or anything else. The trainer said it could be her age (once she gets a few weeks older she might be crazy puppy too), that she is on the leash which she isn't on very often (only for walks really), or that she was just calm because it was a new situation.

This week's homework: utilize the Leave It command, play with her ears/feet/mouth etc (reward good reactions, stop bad reactions), work on Sit command