Friday, May 22, 2009

Joppatowne Carnival

Tonight we took the boys to a carnival that was down the road. Our timing was perfect because it didn't get crowded until we were ready to leave. The boys had a good time riding the rides and playing the duck pond game. Ben played darts and I got to ride an adult ride so we all had fun. We took lots of pictures...

Tomorrow Rich is coming over in the morning to help Ben with the new bathtub and shower walls. We need to go buy them once Rich gets here with his truck and then they will work on installing them. I am not sure what the boys and I plan to do since we won't have a working bathroom for a while. We might go to the pool with Tracy & Dave depending on how busy it is when they get there. On Monday we are going to Rich & Laura's house for a cook-out and to see Ben's grandfather who is in town.