Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tough Economy

Seems like all we have been hearing about lately on the news is how so many companies are feeling the effects of this horrible economy. Well, Fairbanks (Ben's company) has also been feeling this economy which caused pay cuts. Today Ben was given the horrible news that he is being laid off. His last day of work will be May 29. His boss has actually been fighting corporate about this for a few weeks so it could have been sooner. This is upsetting in so many ways because we had just gotten all of the bills worked out and felt like we were back on our feet. Also, Ben found himself really enjoying the job and something he could do everyday. His boss did tell him that when things got better he would be the first to know, but who knows when that will even happen. Of course he will be applying for unemployment which will help a little, but in the meantime I might have to find a job while he is looking for a long-term job to support our family. I can't even begin to explain how stressful and upsetting this is to us.

We have cut back on just about everything when we bought the house so trying to cut back more is almost impossible. We will also have to get a second car since we had been functioning with Ben's work van. This we have worked out with Rich & Laura...Ben will be driving Rich's white truck and we will pay the insurance and maintenance.