Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This morning I got a call from our new pediatrician saying he wanting to get some blood work done on the boys before their next visit. We were going to a grocery store right next to their office so I decided to run in to pick up the lab slips while we were already out. When I got there the pediatrician came out front to talk to me about the blood work. Apparently, he has taken the time to call and talk to the PICU doctors that saw Ryder when he was sick last year along with an Immunologist at Hopkins. They all decided these 3 blood tests were a good idea for the boys to have done. They will show if there is any problems with their immune systems. If everything comes back fine then they should be OK and just a fluke of getting the rare infection, but if something does come back abnormal they will go see the Immunologist at Hopkins. I really love that the pediatrician did all this research and calling around without me even asking, I really think he is going to be a great pediatrician for the boys!
This afternoon after the boys took a nap I decided to take Zak to get his blood work done. I was nervous since they had issues getting blood from them about 7 months ago. We didn't have a long wait before being called into the back. We sat down, they got everything ready, stuck Zak in the arm, and it was over. Zak just sat and watched without whining or crying at all! I was so happy with how well the lab tech did so I ran home and brought Ryder back. Well, we sat down, got everything ready, and Ryder just lost it. I held him tightly and she stuck his arm...the blood just barely trickled out. So they decided to take out the needle since it was not going to work. At this point Ryder was so upset he threw up. I felt so bad, but I wanted to get the blood work done so they decided to try 1 more time with another tech. She came in and got everything ready and stuck him in the other arm. She was able to get enough blood (we hope) for the tests, but she still had a hard time. In the end she had to sit there and pull the needle in and out to get the blood to come. I felt so bad for Ryder because he was so upset! As soon as she put the band aid on and let is stand up Ryder was just fine and laughing. Here are pictures of their boo-boos...
A few other pictures from today....

The BGE Home guy came this afternoon to look at our AC unit. He found that there was no freon once again so he started to look for a leak. When he took apart the outside unit he did find some broken pieces. Apparently, something must have broken in the last day or so which led to a complete leak of the freon. He ordered the parts and will come back once they come in. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. We are hoping that this will fix the problem because if it doesn't then we will need a whole new unit. The unit is older so that might be a possibility, but at the moment we don't have to ability to buy one.