Thursday, June 11, 2009

Videos and Pictures

Today Ben spent the day at home alone while the boys and I went into Annapolis for the day. I watched Piper for a while so my mom could go to the hospital to be with Mum Mum. We went to the mall for lunch, went to the indoor play area, walked around, and then went to Target. Once we got home I brought out the camera and Piper performed for me. Josephine decided to do a few acts for me as well so we have lots of funny videos. We then went to Fudruckers for dinner and took up a large portion of the place because we had a big group (Lisa & Tommy, Chelley & John & Maddie, Natalie, Mom & Piper, Josephine & Jamison, Myself and the boys).

Sorry, I lied. I have been trying for a while to get the videos on here and it just isn't working for me. I will try again tomorrow at some point because the videos are really cute! I did get them onto Facebook so take a look there is you have an account...